Get Ready To Rock

When someone mentions the name 'Mizzo', the first thing that comes to mind is groovy, infectious rhythms with lots of bass. There isn't anyone more passionate about rocking dance floors than Mizzo. With the love of high energy rhythms combined with the addiction of introducing new music to his friends, Mizzo got his first taste of DJ'ing back in 2001 when he bought a pair of used turntables and a mixer from a local pawn shop. He taught himself how to mix and has not looked back since.

Born in Winston Salem, Mizzo continues to call North Carolina his home. Well known for his work as resident DJ at Greene Street Nightclub and Limelight respectively, Mizzo has gained appeal from the masses and has taken nightlife to another level. After years of being one of the Triad's top DJs, Mizzo had to move to a city growing as quickly as his DJ career. First was Charlotte, NC. Immediately after relocating, Mizzo was able to establish himself as one of the city's most requested DJs. Now based out of Raleigh, NC, Mizzo holds residencies at some of the city's most prestigious nightclubs. He has played many EDM paint parties and has made guest appearances at just about every hotspot in the Carolinas and beyond. Having played private parties for a few celebrities, he is quickly gaining recognition all over the east coast. Known for dropping bass heavy anthems from club to club, Mizzo has caught the attention of several promoters and has landed gigs as direct support for artists such as Stanton Warriors, DJ Icey, Two Friends, Mafia Kiss, RAC, Dieselboy, Caked Up, Lo IQ and more.

In today's over-saturated DJ market, Mizzo realized the need to set himself apart thus in 2014 began producing his own music. With a relatively short time under his production belt, Mizzo has quickly gained a loyal following for his signature style of broken beat bass music. When not DJ'ing, Mizzo is always cooking up fresh original tracks and remixes. Be on the lookout for new releases soon!


Photographer: Raw Photage Productions

DJ: Mizzo

Venue: Prohibition - Charlotte, NC